Call Tracking

call trackingMonitor your marketing results

"Track Incoming Calls & Identify Effective Mediums"

Do you advertise? Do you know how many calls you get? Do you
know which advertising brings the most calls?

How Does Call Tracking™ Work?

We Supply Specialised Call Tracking Numbers.

These numbers auromatically and seamlessly forward to your office.

Add Call Tracking Numbers To your Marketing.

Assign one Call Tracking Number to each marketing channel you wish to track.

Analytics Generates Reports On Each Number.

A call to a Tracking Number is logged by our system, showing which marketing method motivated the call.

You Analyse Your Statistics & Reports.

Access your real-time, online reporting tool, and see which marketing medium brought you the most leads on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Spend Your Budget On Marketing That Works.

With accurate reporting on marketing results, you can focus your marketing budget on the channels that bring you the most business.

Call Tracking for Google Adwords.

With Call Tracking for AdWords you receive a pool of ten numbers and can Identify the keywords that bring you calls and optimise your AdWords account based on an accurate understanding of how your keywords are performing. You can also track a call as a conversion, and attribute it to the campaign, ad group, and keyword that generated it.

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