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FMMedia's Messaging Solutions are valuable tools in any communication mix. They include out-of-the-box SMS-based products, bespoke applications and consulting, leveraging the most cutting-edge technologies.

SMS is a valuable and economical marketing tool that helps increase visibility, focuses the message, and delivers straight into the hands of a targeted audience.

FMMedia's Short Message Service can be applied to numerous messages that can be communicated in 160 characters to any cellphone. The communication needs can include:

  • Informing customers of product launches and product-related news;
  • Notifying your credit customers about account balances or credit limits exceeded;
  • Providing information services to customers;
  • Sending time-critical information to the mobile workforce;
  • Sending product information (e.g. price lists, stock information) to sales staff, and
  • Informing staff of voice mail, email, staff meetings, reminders, news, etc.
Email SMS enables companies to use their current email infrastructure to deliver SMS. This is ideal for those wanting to include email addresses in the SMS mailing list, or where the need is primarily to communicate with people in an email address book. It can be used when there is a need to:
  • Send SMS using your existing email infrastructure;
  • Send automated SMS using program code that supports sending to email addresses, and
  • send SMS and your IT environment supports PGP.
FTP SMS uses the File Transfer Protocol to send a large volume of SMS message loads to cellphones. It is ideal for those wanting to send messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients. You should use FTP SMS if you need to:
  • Send SMS by uploading files via FTP
  • Send automated SMS using program code that supports uploading files via FTP, and send bulk loads of more than 1 000 SMS's per day..

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