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  • Optimize a marketing channel you own - effortlessly build brand and market your business with every single email you and your staff send out.
  • Stand out from the crowd - being ordinary and doing things the traditional way just is not good enough today. Use every email to not only stand
         out from competitors, but also increase brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Publish your successes - whether you have received an award for exceptional service or work, won a new client account or received a great
         testimonial from a customer, tell everyone about it.
  • Find out what customers think of you - allow customers and prospects to tell you how they feel about your business & service whilst giving you the necessary customer
         intelligence to pro-actively engage and retain them.
  • Market and promote your business - new products, services, news, events, special offers or discounts? Rotate, schedule and activate these campaigns on your everyday
         email right throughout the year
  • Increase your marketing productivity - turn every staff member into a marketer or sales agent without them even knowing about it. They just need to continue sending
         emails to customers and prospects in the way they normally do.
  • Generate business leads - use our unique click alert feature to automatically notify you of the recipient details and actual links clicked on your email branding. Use these
         alerts to immediately engage customers and prospects whom have shown interest, thus converting these leads into sales.
  • Drive traffic to your website (or blog, or forum, or whatever) - plus you can easily integrate your latest website or blog headline into your Rocketseed branding using our RSS
         feed functionality.
  • Intelligently brand auto-generated emails - a client has just made the effort to interact with your website or send your help desk an email, so ensure that not only the email
         the client gets is branded, but its also relevant to that specific client transaction or sells them something more.
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Pricing & functionality includes:

  • Implementation, setup & training
  • Brand all outgoing email (per sender / receiver / keyword)
  • Apply electronic business cards per sender
  • Apply legal disclaimers on all outgoing email
  • Free software upgrades
  • Monthly Account Management
  • Ongoing Support and a 24/7 0861 Support number to call

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