Delivery & Logistics

Through integration you able to:
  • Manage inbound stock - from your supplier to our warehouse
  • Manage outbound stock - from our warehouse to your customer
  • Manage inventory - end-to-end through the entire process
  • Reserve inventory
  • Get multiple courier quotes & dsiplay to your customer in real-time
  • Provide your customer updates through the entire process
  • Manage reverse logistics - from customer back to our warehouse, from our warehouse back to supplier.
  • Get access to a full reporting suite in real-time
Using the shipment web site integration API you can quickly and easily add streamlined shipment services to your web site.

No more messing about carting items to a delivery depot, you can integrate your door-to-door courier services directly into your existing shopping cart web site.

There are two levels of integration and three different payment methods to make integration a breeze. With full client access to shipment information, reports and billing information it couldn't be easier.

Key benefits:

  • Lower prices
  • Total shipment automation
  • Seamless professional customer experience



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