Partners & Affiliations

Our Partners and Affiliations:

Free Mind Media strives to partner with other companies that share in our vision of:

Black empowerment starting with micro-companies to leading brand companies who believe in the quality of the solution and excellent execution of the client’s mandate.

We believe in the engaging of individuals and companies from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and this belief shows in the partners that we engage in, from students that are looking for mentoring by our experienced engineers to companies that will bring mutual benefit with Free Mind Media.

proudlysaFree Mind Media is a Proudly South African Member:

Proudly South AfricanProudly South African is an exciting campaign to promote South African companies, products and services which are helping to create jobs and economic growth in our country. Supported by organized labour, organized business, government and community organizations, Proudly South African is the way for every South African to do something concrete to support job creation, and help build our young nation. At the heart of the campaign is the Proudly South African logo. Companies who meet the standards set by Proudly South African can use the logo to identify themselves, their products and services.


To create a non-profit organization infrastructure to collect the waste from anyone who will join the WWWFTP and to turn this waste into jobs that will create value so that the poor can be fed with the proceeds.

Worlds Waste Will Feed The Poor

Free Mind Health

health logo

This center was established in Lonehill as a dream after the passing of Mona Mahomed. An oath was taken that, if we can help it that no other person will have to suffer the consequences of dreaded disease. Our team is comprised of Free Mind Health, Compraprac Medical & Doctors Across Borders all of which hace healing from the heart as thier motivation. 

Visit the Free Mind Health site to get an insight.

Healing Africa Foundationhealing-africa


The Healing Africa Foundation is a non-profit, humanitarian-aid organisation. Our slogan ‘Healing One Person at a Time’ is about every person making a small contribution in their own way for the collective good of humanity. Acting-in-Love to help one person at a time and to live Nelson Mandela’s great vision of freedom for all.

The Healing Africa Foundation

About FreeMind.Media

Everything is connected... This concept of oneness is why we do what we do. We use practical solutions and technology to fix the gaps that we, as humans, should not have to do in order to be free to do the things we want to do.