About Us

The Free Mind Media approach is:

about-onesize"one size does not fit all"

Free Mind Media positions itself as a technology Solutions Provider for most businesses using the latest South African-developed software technology.  The Directors have invested a lot of time and their own money to this end. The Credo we live by is "To Turn Visions into Reality!"

Traditionally, Free Mind Media provides both industry specific, unique, specialised, customised software products, consultancy, support, training and technology-related services.  We are especially focused on providing cloud-based business network systems and services to small, medium, large businesses and municipalities. The systems include both cloud-based, PC-based systems and server-based systems. Our services include design and installation of cloud-based software development, network systems, training, and support.

In lieu of keeping up with the latest technology and disruptive platform, we aim to facilitate the creation of decentralised, autonomous organisations using the blockchain protocol.

The continued growth and survival in our Industry rely on innovative thinking and action. Our strengths are in the continued expansion of the company’s offerings and in-house developed product ranges. We also realise that, like all other markets, the Internet Market is consumer driven. We, therefore, aim to promote an environment where our technological expertise and the client’s needs come together to enhance the client’s core business. We have Respect and Integrity in our interactions with each other, our clients and partners.

Free Mind Media is proud of its reputation for maintaining a high standard of service and product delivery. We accept full responsibility and accountability for the quality of each and every development under our name. Free Mind Media is unique in that our solution delivery is driven by customer need rather than a quest to acquire more revenue at the expense of our valued client base.

The Internet now impacts all areas of private business and public administration. It affects the way companies think and how they interact with their suppliers, employees and customers. Free Mind Media has experience in the integration, application, and facilitation of the web and mobile application services. We can offer robust, flexible and secure networks that will meet your local and international communication requirements - from workflow and the development of  digital strategy and training, through to marketing automation and communication solutions.

It is our keen understanding of people, technology and business that enable Free Mind Media to design, implement and manage stable and autonomous systems for open and effective communication and collaboration for our clients.


About FreeMind.Media

Everything is connected... This concept of oneness is why we do what we do. We use practical solutions and technology to fix the gaps that we, as humans, should not have to do in order to be free to do the things we want to do.